Atrium Business Park

Rue du Puits Romain
8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg

Atrium Business Park
Last update: 30.08.2023


Facts & figures

  • Four modern buildings around a central court over a total lettable area of approx. 50,000 s.qm
  • Attractive green courtyards
  • Innovating techniques for greater comfort
  • Ambient air is continuously renewed
  • High occupation schemes
  • Centralized control technology (GTC) with permanent monitoring
  • Excellent visibility and exceptional accessibility by car and by public transport
  • Spacious foyers in every building
  • Video surveillance and access control
  • Excellent parking ratio
  • A full range of services & facilities on site i.e. concierge service, 3 Restaurants, Child daycare, common meeting rooms & auditorium, building App, e-bike rental, Co-working area, Bringme boxes, …


  • Powerful and lean architecture, combining transparency, modularity and conviviality
  • Onsite services and facilities
  • Ideally located close to the Belgian and French border
  • New modern facade & highly visible roof signs
  • Green building certificate: BREEAM IN USE excellent

Schedule of Available Space

Extimus (Rue du Puits Romain 19-21)

Space Floor Use Availability
approx. 523 sq.m Archive immediately

Excio (Rue du Puits Romain 37-41)

Space Floor Use Availability
approx. 58 sq.m Archive immediately

Vitrum (Rue du Puits Romain 33-39)

Space Floor Use Availability
approx. 551 sq.m Archive immediately

Emporium (Rue du Puits Romain 23-35)

Space Floor Use Availability
approx. 169 sq.m GF Unit 1 Office April 2024
approx. 307 sq.m GF Unit 2 Office April 2024
approx. 309 sq.m GF Unit 3 Office April 2024
approx. 267 sq.m GF Unit 4 Office April 2024
approx. 288 sq.m GF Unit 5 Office April 2024
approx. 105 sq.m GF Zone C Multi on demand
approx. 937 sq.m 1st Zone A Office June 2024
approx. 817 sq.m 1st Zone B Office June 2024
approx. 942 sq.m 1st Zone C Office June 2024
approx. 866 sq.m 1st Zone D Office June 2024
approx. 1,030 sq.m 2nd Zone B Office on demand
approx. 869 sq.m Archive immediately

Total available space

approx. 8,038 sq.m

Last update: 30.08.2023
All information subject to letting.

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  • Deka Stars in BeLux Concept
  • Website: with 360° View
  • Film: Click here


Atrium Business Park creates a welcoming atmosphere that balances the needs of business while enriching the lives of those who work there. Ideally located close to the Belgian and French border, the efficient office space is equipped with state of the art technology and offers varied services and facilities.

Atrium Business Park

Atrium Business Park

Rue du Puits Romain
8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg


Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH

Jack Schulte
Avenue Louise 523, 1050 Brussels
Phone: (0032) 2 627 13 52

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